January 11, 2011

A left wing rioter goes to jail

Today a lefty was put in jail for trying to kill a policeman, or anybody else that happened to be under him, by dropping a fire extinguisher from the top of tall building. This event, while shocking, does have a striking resemblance to how striking miners murdered a taxi driver for being willing to drive strike breakers by dropping a concrete block on his car while he drove down the motorway after the last time Labour got thrown out of power for ruining the country. Just like then the more moderate left has been full of excuses for their boot-boys violence. Then in the USA another lefty tries to murder a US congresswoman, since left this time thinks they can smear the right by his actions they are full of condemnations this time. That will vanish if the fact of his real political allegiance is brought to the public attention. Just as there is nothing but the sound of tumbleweeds around the Labour politicians that stole money from the tax-payer. The left have a long history of violence when they cannot get their way so one prediction that you can bank on this year is that there will be more rioting lefties.


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